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Project Cost Estimating


Cary Stump can provide the Cost Estimates that Owner/Developers need to make good decisions about projects.




Cary's specialty is preparing reliable cost estimates from preliminary drawings and landlord/tenant work letters.


Estimates can be prepared in a short time frame and are more reliable and consistent than typical general contractor estimates.


Hard Cost estimates have appropriate detail specific to the client's project.  These are not square foot estimates.  The use of the Cost Model allows extrapolation of quantities from past projects when there is not yet detail from the A/E team. 


Estimates can be for just hard costs, or for all project costs.


Cary has experience with estimates for projects from $50,000 for changing tenants, to $500,000,000 for major redevelopment and ground-up projects.


Contact Cary at or 562-434-0330

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