Services for Real Estate Development Projects

Design to Budget and Preconstruction Services


Estimates created in the Cost Model provide the appropriate level of detail so the Architectural/Engineering team can understand the budgets for each element of the project.

Cary Stump can provide Preconstruction Management services for one or more of your organization's larger projects.


These services include Conceptual Project Cost Estimates using the Cost Model at milestones in the design phase.   Estimates also are prepared for options before the team makes key decisions.


Scheduling Services and Constructability Reviews can be provided.

Preconstruction Services may include attendance at weekly or biweekly design meetings to provide cost input and estimating studies useful for making good design decisions.

The design team provides design deliverables, typically at the end of Concept Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development.  During a subsequent review period while all Owner stakeholders are reviewing these design packages, an estimate is prepared in the Cost Model, preferably with input from local contractors at the end of Schematic Design and Design Development.

At the culmination of each review period, Cary Stump facilitates an all-day Cost Review and Value Analysis Work session. These sessions allow the entire team to contribute to and buy into the project budget. 

In these sessions, Owner decision makers make cost and scope decisions that enhance the value of the project for the Owner. These decisions guide the Architectural/Engineering team for the next phase of Design.

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